New Xbox Patent Sounds Cool For People Buying Games On Disc

New Xbox Patent Sounds Cool For People Buying Games On Disc

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Microsoft have used for a patent that, whilst not a best option for each and every gripe you could have with present day consoles and electronic possession, may possibly nevertheless be a excellent step forward for everyone who has a catalogue of game titles they possess on disc, but have purchased (or are imagining of buying) a digital-only console.

The patent, very first noticed by Gamerant, is known as Program Possession Validation Of Optical Discs Using Secondary Machine. While it goes into a great deal of detail about why it is remaining utilized for and how it performs, it fundamentally boils down consumers remaining able to insert a disc into a console that has both a disc generate and an internet link, making use of that online relationship to validate the user’s possession of the disc, then making it possible for the identical consumer to download the digital version of the same activity on a second, electronic-only console for totally free.

Here’s Microsoft’s pitch for the application, which recognises “the ‘feel’ of dealing with the actual physical online video sport media and/or the nostalgia affiliated with the actual physical video clip game media”:

In new yrs, a trend towards developing and consuming digital video sport content material has made. As a final result of this trend, quite a few individuals now prefer digital online video game content material about actual physical online video video game media. Appropriately, numerous future technology online video sport gadgets getting produced are configured devoid of components parts for participating in physical online video game media. Therefore, when an operator of a past technology video match machine buys a up coming generation video video game gadget, the operator is unable to engage in their bodily video clip match media on the upcoming era video clip sport gadget. In its place, the operator need to repurchase the digital version of the movie sport articles for the following era video clip game machine. This situation is unwanted for many factors.

1st, movie sport content (physical and electronic) represents a important monetary investment to some individuals. Although the digital model of the movie activity content material for the subsequent generation movie match system could deliver added information and/or sizeable technological improvements, it may possibly be tough for some men and women to justify repurchasing a video sport they currently personal and have already performed or concluded. 2nd, numerous owners of actual physical movie sport media have emotional attachments to their actual physical movie recreation media. These entrepreneurs simply just enjoy the “feel” of dealing with the physical video clip activity media and/or the nostalgia affiliated with the physical online video recreation media. In addition, quite a few of these entrepreneurs view their libraries of bodily online video activity media and paraphernalia as precious collections, in the same way to uncommon coins collections, baseball cards collections, and so on.

And it would do the job like this:

To handle this kind of issues with playing preceding technology bodily movie match media on upcoming generation electronic online video match products, the present disclosure describes units and solutions for delivering software ownership validation of optical discs making use of secondary equipment. In factors, a nearby network could comprise at the very least a first and second system. For occasion, the to start with and 2nd gadget may perhaps be connected to a neighborhood region network (LAN) that is accessible by 1 or additional consumers. Alternately, the initially and 2nd product could not be connected to the very same nearby network. For occasion, the first unit could be related to a very first area community and the next system may perhaps be related to a second community community. The to start with and second device may possibly converse applying the Web or a dispersed network procedure. The very first and next product could be available through a common person account, separate person accounts of a frequent user, or separate user accounts of separate end users…

…Physical media, these types of as an optical disc, might be inserted into the optical disc travel of the 2nd machine. The second gadget may perhaps be approved to obtain digital articles, these as online video sport information, on the physical media. The 2nd machine may well also be configured with a selectable placing or possibility that allows the second unit to validate person possession of the electronic written content on the bodily media. For example, when the environment or selection is enabled, the 2nd unit may possibly be able to confirm to a individual machine, this sort of as the to start with machine, that a precise person or user account possesses ownership of the electronic content material on the physical media.

The software was manufactured in November 2020, which hey would you appear at that, was the specific identical thirty day period the Xbox Sequence S, a electronic-only Xbox console, was unveiled.