Here’s How the Ford F-150 Lightning Can Power Your Home

Here’s How the Ford F-150 Lightning Can Power Your Home

Ford F-150 Lightning powering construction tools

When Correctly Geared up, Ford’s Forthcoming Electric Truck Doubles as a Complete Residence Generator

The future Ford F-150 Lightning’s lithium-ion battery pack can electricity extra than just the truck itself. Although it can do the job as an electrical generator to electricity numerous equipment or other devices at the worksite, it can also energy your complete property. Ford phone calls the available function Intelligent Backup Power.

Ford claims with Intelligent Backup Power, the Lightning’s extended-assortment battery pack can ability your household for a few times, and up to 10 days if you adequately ration your energy utilization or merge it with solar ability. However, there are lots of particulars you will need to know if you approach to use the electric powered F-150 as a household generator.

For those unaware, the all-new F-150 Lightning is Ford’s very first electric pickup truck. It carries a starting off rate of $39,974 and is predicted to arrive this spring 2022. The Lightning will be available with two distinct sizing battery packs. With the extended-assortment pack, it has a qualified EPA-believed selection of 300 miles. The Lightning will also present up to 563 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque.

With that explained, continue on studying to find out what you will need to know about the Ford F-150 Lightning’s Clever Backup Electricity process.

Ford F-150 Lightning Configuration

In order to get Ford’s Smart Backup Electric power, you are going to have to purchase earlier mentioned the base product. Ford’s base Lightning Professional is created for use as a perform truck, and although it doesn’t offer you the means to act as a home generator, you can use it to electricity at minimum some products in your property or at the worksite. The Professional trim arrives typical with a 2.4 kW Professional Energy Onboard technique that options eight 120-volt outlets and 8 USB ports.

The minimum costly F-150 that supports Intelligent Backup Electricity is the XLT, which is a phase up from the foundation model. It commences at $52,974, however that is with the conventional-selection battery pack. Ford claims proprietors of a Lightning with the conventional battery can get the characteristic, while they’ll have to order the Demand Station Pro ($1,310) and pay back to have the system activated. The automaker has not nonetheless supplied details about the charge of activation.

If you select an F-150 Lightning with the prolonged-vary battery pack, the Smart Backup Electric power process arrives normal, and Ford will activate it free of charge at shipping and delivery. Ford’s Charge Station Professional is also incorporated with prolonged-selection models, since you just can’t use the characteristic with out it. The XLT with the extended-variety battery pack has an MSRP of $72,474. 

Ford F-150 Lightning powering a house after a storm

Just to be very clear, there is no $40,000 F-150 Lightning that can electric power your entire house. If you want the element, you’re going to have to spending budget for a truck that costs more than $74,000, which include location fees.

When $74,000 is a lot of dollars, a usual home battery backup system can run $10,000 to $20,000, and that does not include installation. A property battery backup method like the Tesla Powerwall only has a 13.5 kWh ability, so you’d need to purchase 10 Powerwalls to have as much ability on tap as Ford’s extended-vary battery features.

For consumers who aren’t ready to spend $74,000, the other selection would be to hold out and see how substantially Ford charges to activate the feature in typical-assortment products. If you’re likely to use the XLT with the normal-selection battery for house backup electrical power, you will want to enhance from the normal 2.4 kW Professional Electrical power Onboard program to the out there 9.6 kW method, which provides $1,070. Higher trims contain the a lot more effective onboard system as regular.

What You are going to Require

Ford F-150 Lightning Charging

Ford’s Intelligent Backup Energy relies on the brand’s personal Cost Station Professional, which is an 80-amp Level 2 residence charging station. The station functions as an interface when the truck is plugged in, and it enables the truck’s battery to offer electrical power for your dwelling. 

Although the Demand Station Pro will come regular with prolonged-array battery designs, you are going to even now have to pay to have it installed. Ford has partnered with its favored installer Sunrun to handle the set up, while you could pick out to go with a unique accredited installer.

Once put in, the charging station is connected to your home’s electrical panel with the Residence Integration Process that you are going to have to order from Sunrun. The system lets bi-directional power move – this means it can immediate the energy movement into or out of the battery – which is necessary for Clever Backup Electricity.

Ford F-150 Lightning home charging setup

The Residence Integration method includes the necessary inverter, transfer swap and a battery to retain the technique lively all through a electrical power outage. Pricing for the process hasn’t however been disclosed.

It’s crucial to observe that your property will have to be appropriately geared up to take care of the new set up. It is not unheard of for homeowners to will need several updates to the electrical panel to accommodate a Stage 2 charging process, and this is especially true when it comes to an 80-amp panel like that of Ford’s Demand Station Professional. Ford claims you are going to need to have a dedicated 100-amp circuit.

Retain in thoughts, this kind of residence electrical up grade, as very well as the charging station installation, will have to have immediate coordination with your area utility company. On top of that, there is normally a considerable permitting approach associated, which will have to have an inspection by an electrician from your city or township.

How It Functions

Ford F-150 Lightning home generating electricity after snow storm

When you acquire supply of your new F-150 Lightning and have almost everything sorted out with the Cost Station Pro set up, your truck will be ready to act as a home generator. The Smart Backup Energy system can produce up to 9.6 kW of ability to your house, which is far more than most dwelling backup batteries give, and much more than adequate to handle most masses in a typical property. You can pick to have the method occur on immediately when the electrical power goes out, or flip it on manually at your discretion.

The F-150 Lightning’s prolonged-selection battery pack has 131 kWh of usable electrical power. The common house in the U.S. takes advantage of about 30 kWh of electricity for every working day. Clearly, there are days when your household might involve as considerably as double that, and other times when it may possibly not use nearly that substantially vitality. 

Ford display generator

At any price, Ford estimates that the Lightning can energy your household for three days, dependent on normal use. If you only opt for to present electric power for sure necessary digital units in your household, you could possibly extend the time just before your Lightning’s battery pack is depleted. However, this would need either turning off or unplugging many products and appliances, or obtaining a second electrical panel set up to bypass specific electronics in your house.

The F-150 Lightning’s normal-array battery pack has 98 kWh of usable strength, so it could unquestionably power the average household for a number of times. Nonetheless, until Ford announces the activation charges for Smart Backup Electricity, we won’t know how a great deal benefit the alternative will offer you as opposed to opting for an extended-assortment product.

FordPass Application

FordPass App at display

As soon as your Ford Clever Backup Energy process is up and functioning, you will depend on the FordPass App to deal with it. Vehicles these days are turning into considerably a lot more like computers on wheels, and that is specially real of electric powered cars. 

The FordPass Application, which you can down load on to your smartphone, will present you with notifications about the system’s status. If there’s a electric power outage, it will alert you so that you can turn on the backup power if you really do not have it programmed to flip on routinely. After the outage is around, and ability is restored to your home, your F-150 Lightning will automatically revert back to charging.

Of study course, if you are driving around in your F-150 Lightning, it will not be in a position to back again up your property. For this cause, the app’s notifications will confirm useful in circumstance you want to prioritize heading household to get your truck plugged in.

The application will also retain you up to date about how a great deal backup electric power your battery has remaining, the rate of transfer, the outage length and much much more. Currently being mindful of the battery’s state of cost and the rate of transfer will assist you make a decision if you want to unplug different electronics or transform off appliances to help save vitality. 

For illustration, if your air conditioning is kicking on, it’s likely to drain the Lightning’s battery extra rapidly, so you could change your thermostat appropriately. When carrying out so, the application really should display a diminished level of transfer, which signifies your truck’s battery will deplete far more little by little.

The FordPass App will also allow you to established a slice-off restrict and manage how substantially energy the F-150 Lightning is transferring to your home. You are going to be equipped to maintain monitor of how a great deal believed array stays at any offered time. This way, you can equilibrium your home’s power use, all while building sure your electrical pickup truck has enough juice when you require it most.