What happens if the authorities find drugs in your luggage at the airport?

What happens if the authorities find drugs in your luggage at the airport?

Drug dealers often contact desperate people and promise them thousands of dollars if they carry a particular amount of drugs in their bodies. Although they told people that it is undetectable, airports have a full body scanner that can detect any foreign object inside passengers’ bodies. Besides that, security agents have highly trained dogs that can detect the smell of the drug even if it there’s only the smallest trace in your clothes. Luggage is the first thing airport security agents usually analyze. They use an x ray ct cabin baggage inspection system equipped with artificial intelligence that can detect dangerous items such as drugs, weapons, and even explosives, without the intervention of a person. Even in the busiest airports, security agents catch criminals.

Each country has its legislation

Some countries allow the consumption of specific plants such as marijuana. Some people make the mistake of traveling with marijuana because they think that by being citizens of a country where its consumption is allowed, the authorities of other countries will allow them access to the country and the consumption of these plants. It is important to emphasize that each country has its laws and can judge anyone who steps on its territory. In fact, in countries like China, the penalty for carrying marijuana can be life imprisonment or, even worse, the death penalty. Even medically prescribed marijuana treatment can be subject to punishment in countries with very harsh laws. Before you travel, be sure to read the recommendations offered to travelers. Remember that even if you are in transit in a country where marijuana is prohibited, you will still go to jail.

Be careful with certain drugs

The laws of each country also regulate the use and transportation of drugs. If you are undergoing medical treatment that requires specific drugs, make sure that the destination country allows their use. Even if they do not, you may apply for a permit to enter the country with the necessary doses during your stay in that country. It is important to note that this permit only covers the number of drugs you will need during your stay. If you try to carry more than this, your permit may be canceled at the airport, and you may be denied entry into the country. It is also likely that the airport authorities will require a legal invoice certifying the origin of the drugs. They do this to corroborate if the drugs were legally acquired. Remember that it is your responsibility to comply with all the laws of the countries you will be traveling to.