Top 10 SEO Companies in India 2023

Top 10 SEO Companies in India 2023


Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is the art of evolving a website to acquire higher ranks in search engine results.

Companies that do online marketing now strongly impact the internet by providing excellent search engine optimization-related services.

Today we have listed out the top 10 SEO companies in India 2023 that have excelled in the competition by focusing on customer satisfaction and providing top-quality content for the end users.

10 Best SEO Companies in India

Here’s the Top SEO companies list:-

1. SEO Discovery

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: C 210 A, Phase 8B, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140708
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding: 2007
  • Reviews: 2700+
  • Projects Delivered: 18,500
  • Keyword Ranked: 1,42,832
  • Case Studies: 800+

A Brief About SEO Discovery:

First, we have SEO Discovery in the list of top SEO companies in India. Being in the industry for over 15+ years, the company boasts a solid portfolio of collaborating with clients from diverse sectors, encompassing Healthcare, Legal, Real Estate, and Ecommerce to EdTech.

They have a panel of 250+ well-trained marketing wizards having years of practical industry exposure to chalk out results-driven, tailored SEO services in India that drive measurable results.

They have flexible SEO packages in India aligned with your specific business goals and budget.

And their biggest USP is their promise… “The Guarantee” of #1 Page Rank on Google within the estimated period. Otherwise, their team will continue the project at no extra penny until they accomplish this feat.

SEO Discovery has bagged several awards, consisting of being awarded as the “Best Digital Marketing Agency” for the year 2022 By Clutch — A platform for client reviews, data-driven content & Vetted market leaders — and The Hindu — India’s leading newspaper — presented SEO Discovery with the title “Best Social Media Agency” as they generated 2+ million views or their clients during the fiscal period 2021-22.

It’s not the moment to think or rethink; reach out to SEO Discovery to book a FREE consultation.

2. Social Cubicle

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: Mohali, India
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding: 2016
  • Projects: 1200+ Brands

A Brief About Social Cubicle:

Second in our well-researched list of best SEO companies in India is Social Cubicle. It is a holistic marketing agency that supports businesses to gain more visibility and leads through social media channels. They have a component pool of marketing specialists dedicated to assisting businesses to widen their reach on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

They provide services like social media strategy, content writing, marketing automation, keyword research & strategy, digital advertising, and more. Their SEO outsourcing services in India are affordable, and their work is highly effective. Social Cubicle has worked with over 1200 brands globally, generating a whooping 2,327,349 leads… and this count is sky-rocketing with each passing financial year.

3. Techmagnet

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: H83P+6M4, C Block, Sector 44, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding: 2006

A Brief About Techmagnet:

Techmagnet is a top SEO company in Noida. They foster growth through effective online marketing strategies by providing search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online advertising solutions. They are one of the leading SEO companies in India that can boost organic traffic and enhance your website’s visibility over the Internet.

They offer white-label SEO outsourcing in India services, which means they can customize each solution based on your business needs. They have an in-house team of highly trained and knowledgeable experts that understand what’s needed for effective online marketing campaigns.

This SEO agency in India offers a range of products and services like PPC Management Services, Social Media Marketing Services, etc., to empower businesses of all sizes and complexities to maximize ROI from their online investments.

4. EZ Rankings

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: A-74 second floor Sector-2 Noida
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding:2010
  • Google Reviews: 230+
  • Client Retention: 92{5376dfc28cf0a7990a1dde1ec4d231557d3d9e6448247a9e5e61bb9e48b1de73}

A Brief About EZ Rankings:

EZ Ranking is an SEO company founded in India. They provide SEO services and digital marketing solutions to small businesses, startups, and enterprises. EZ Ranking has been in the industry since 2010, so you can trust them to deliver results quickly.

They are a data-driven organization that employs a combination of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SERP features, Google Search Console, and more to yield actionable insights for clients.

EZ Rankings specialize in serving clients to get their websites ranked higher in Google searches by creating high-quality content that answers their users’ questions. The company also provides additional services such as website maintenance, including backlink building and link removal strategies. EZ Ranking has specially planned SEO packages that clients can avail in line with their budget and expectations.

5. iQlance Solutions

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: A-412, 4th Floor, Dev Arc Commercial Complex Iscon Cross Road, Sarkhej – Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding: 2010
  • Client Retention: 96{5376dfc28cf0a7990a1dde1ec4d231557d3d9e6448247a9e5e61bb9e48b1de73}
  • Enterprise Projects: 30+

A Brief About iQlance Solutions:

The iQlance team at the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company has a decade of experience to achieve even the most challenging marketing goals. They offer a wide range of SEO services, including on-page SEO, content marketing, keyword research, and more.

The SEO company is based in Ahmedabad, India, and works with small and large businesses. In addition, the iQlance team has worked with many companies from India and abroad to boost their rankings on top search engines such as Google.

The iQlance team can support your business to gain visibility by optimizing your website for keywords relevant to your industry. When you consult them they will send you a detailed SEO audit and cutomised action plan.

6. eSearch Logix Technologies

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: 1st Floor, H 161, Sector 63 Rd, H Block, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding: 2014
  • Projects Delivered: 10k+
  • Client Retention: 99{5376dfc28cf0a7990a1dde1ec4d231557d3d9e6448247a9e5e61bb9e48b1de73}

A Brief About eSearch Logix Technologies:

Search Logix Technologies is a top-rated search engine optimization company in India. It offers a wide range of search engine optimization services, including website design, content writing, link building, social media marketing and PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. The company has a team of qualified professionals with years of experience in online marketing and experts in their respective fields. They have worked with many reputed brands.

Search Logix Technologies has an outstanding track record in terms of client satisfaction. The company has won numerous awards for the best SEO agencies in India.

Search Logix Technologies provides its clients with complete end-to-end best SEO services in Delhi NCR, right from the planning to implementation phases. The company has executed several successful strategies to drive rankings on search engines like Google and Bing by optimizing websites for keywords and phrases related to specific topics like travel destinations or hotel booking services.

7. SEO Current

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: IT Park, E-314, Industrial Area, Sector 75, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160055
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding: Not Specified
  • Clients: 5000+

A Brief About SEO Current:

SEO Current is a professional SEO company in India that provides the best services to its clients. They are specialists in creating content and search engine optimization, which is why they have gained so much popularity over the years. With their vast experience and expertise, SEO Current has established itself as one of India’s most trusted SEO companies.

SEO Current offers a wide range of services, including local SEO, paid search marketing, content marketing, ecommerce SEO, App store optimization, and more. In addition, they also provide services like social media marketing & branding, search engine optimization, etc.

SEO Current has been providing world-class digital marketing solutions for many years now. They have assisted many companies grow their businesses through better online visibility and increased sales.

8. Digital Infoways

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: 307 Devarsh Sopan, opp. BG Tower, Delhi Darwaja, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380004
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding: 2015
  • Projects Delivered: 150+
  • Happy Clients: 50+

A Brief About Digital Infoways:

Digital Infoways is another name which is amongst the best SEO companies in India. They are known to provide top-notch SEO services. Digital Infoways has been around for more than seven years, and they have gained much experience in their field.

Digital Infoways has been providing excellent SEO services to several clients across India. They offer a wide range of SEO services, such as web design, SEO audit, keyword research, link building and much more. They have experts experienced in providing SEO, PPC, SMO, Social Media Marketing and more to their clients. They have the expertise and knowledge to allow you to get the best from your business by integrating these channels.

Digital Infoways works closely with its clients to understand their business goals and objectives before starting any website or application development work. This allows them to develop an effective strategy which eventually helps them to deliver way beyond the client’s expectations.

9. Nettechnocrats

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: G-192, Sector 63 Rd, C Block, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Contact:
  • Year of Founding:2010
  • Websites Ranked: 200+

A Brief About Nettechnocrats:

Nettechnocrats is a digital marketing agency that provides its clients with SEO, SMO and PPC services. The company has more than 12 years of experience in the field and offers a wide range of digital marketing services to small businesses and startups, from various industries.

They provide all levels of SEO services, from basic to advanced levels, depending on their client’s needs. Their SEO packages include search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). In addition, they also offer pay-per-click management tools, such as keyword research and keyword ranking reports, link monitoring tools, website analysis tools and more. They have worked with hundreds of international clients.

10. SERP Wizard

  • Company Website:
  • Company’s Headquarters: 89, Raghunath Puri 1, Sheopur Road, Pratap Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302033
  • Contact: +91-9783226565
  • Year of Founding: 2012

A Brief About SERP Wizard:

Last but not least, we have SERP Wizard in our rundown of the top 10 SEO companies in India. It is a well-known SEO company in India. It has a team of SEO experts who are skilled and motivated in handling even the toughest SEO challenges. The company offers its clients value-for-money SEO services and different packages based on their requirements.

SERP Wizard has been providing quality digital marketing services since 2012. The agency has a solid reputation in the industry. It has helped many companies improve their rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others using keyword research, semantic markup, link building, social media optimization, etc.

The Final Verdict

SEO Discovery holds the edge over its market rivals as the best SEO company in India for myriad reasons. The company is professional, reliable and experienced in its domain. They have been serving clients since 2007 and have gained immense experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Discovery has a passionate team who are well-versed in the latest trends in search engine optimization and leave no stone unturned to ensure their clients are satisfied. The company dedicates all their resources to delivering high-quality results at an affordable price. And, they have achieved this position by maintaining an unmatched level of client satisfaction.

How to Hire the Right SEO Agency?

There are many SEO agencies in India, so how do you know which ones are best? First, it’s important to note that not all SEO companies will be the same. When you hire an SEO agency, it’s crucial to take into account the following:

1. Understand The Agency’s History

It’s imperative to be aware of the SEO agency’s history — whether they have a track record of success or not. An agency that has done well in the past will be able to provide you with a better estimate of how long they expect it will take to drive good results for your project.

You can also ask them about other projects they have recently completed, as this may give you an idea of how effectively they can handle yours.

2. Inquire About Their SEO Process

An effective SEO agency should be able to explain how their process works, including how often they conduct research and where they get their content from.

They should also be able to provide some examples of projects they have worked on in the past or those similar to yours, which can help you determine if they are right for you.

3. Check their Portfolio

It’s important to check a company’s portfolio, which will give you an idea of how they work, what they offer and how much experience they have. Look at their work for other clients and see if it matches your needs. You should also find out how long it took them to complete the project and what was included in their work (if anything).

4. Know What’s Included

When evaluating an SEO experts company in India, it is essential to know exactly what services they are giving so that you can compare them against each other and narrow down your choices to those that offer the best value at the lowest price point possible.

For example, some agencies only offer website optimization, while others might also provide social media marketing and related services like link-building or pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

5. Get a Custom Quote

Ask for a quote from the SEO agency you have zeroed down. You can ask them to send you a quote via email or even go in person to their office and connect with an SEO consultant in India virtually. Be upfront to enquire if there are any hidden fees, so that you don’t have to deal with last-minute billing hassles.



Q.1 What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization, a process that facilitates search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to understand your site’s content, structure and keywords. It involves writing unique, relevant content on your website to help search engines rank you higher on their results pages. Thus, if you want your business to survive & thrive in today’s neck-throat competitive world, contact an SEO expert in India today!

Q.2 How Long Does SEO Take?

Adjusting your site’s content and structure takes time, but once these changes are made, it can take weeks to months to see improvements in the organic rankings.

Q.3 How Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a continuous process that enables search engines to find and display web pages relevant to the query entered by a user on a search engine results page (SERP). Search engine crawlers utilize various ranking factors to determine which pages are relevant and display them first in their SERPs.

Search engine optimization involves creating content to be found on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (as well as other search engines). It also involves creating links between your website and other sites so that they are included in the major search engines’ listings of sites that provide information related to your website’s topic. These links are called “backlinks“ or “external links.”

Q.4 Which SEO Techniques Are Popular?

SEO can be broken down into two major categories: On-Page and Off-Page.

Website’s organic traffic is considered the most important because it directly affects how many people click on your ads and convert them to customers.

You see on-page SEO on the SERP or search engine results page. On-page SEO activities include adding Meta data, alt tags, robot.txt file, optimizing headlines, and more.

Off-page SEO happens after you’ve optimized your site for organic traffic: connections in social media, press mentions, etc. These things can boost your rankings in SERP results pages — but they’re not as effective as optimizing your site for organic traffic.

Do you have any other SEO agency to add to this list of top 10 SEO companies in India, or want to share your experience collaborating with any of them? Feel free to do so through the comment section below.

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