Spotify’s TikTok-like update misses the point

Spotify’s TikTok-like update misses the point

My iPhone’s screen time notify is going to despise this.

Last 7 days, Spotify introduced a large update that began gradually rolling out to people around the world. As soon as you have the new update, your Spotify mobile app will morph into a a lot more TikTok-esque practical experience, with screen-filling, creator-made movies assembled in a vertical feed.


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If you’ve been spending interest to the tech ecosystem for the past couple yrs, this is just not hugely surprising. TikTok is significant and all people wants a piece of the action. And for Spotify, extra people staring at the app for more time intervals of time is pretty much undoubtedly a superior thing in this engagement-obsessed environment. But that would not necessarily mean I have to like it.

Spotify’s massive update (which, thankfully, hasn’t strike my phone nonetheless) is extra than just additional inconvenience. It completely misunderstands what Spotify should really be for: Listening.

Pivot to video

Any time your telephone receives the big Spotify patch, you’ll be greeted with a new earth of video podcasts and short snippets of issues you may well want to interact with afterwards. The initial and most significant issue of competition listed here is that Spotify is the final position I might go if I wished to enjoy movies.

I’ve been a continual Spotify consumer for extra than a decade. It is just one of my most-employed apps because it is one particular of the only things that would not contribute to that dreaded monitor time notify. Unlike several apps, which want you to appear at them as a lot as achievable, Spotify allowed me to get pleasure from it passively. I could place on a playlist or a podcast and glance away from my cell phone for a couple of hours though continue to acquiring a little something out of it.

Absolutely sure, you have to open up the app and feed a lot more display screen time to your eyeballs every now and then, but it’s a basically various knowledge from nearly everything else you can do on a smartphone. This new version alternatively would like to be like every single other application.

All it requires is a swift look at social media to see that I am not the only person who feels this way.

I suggest, I use Spotify to listen to podcasts, but this up coming a person just isn’t mistaken.

And among all the complaints, you are going to see a great deal of people threatening to go away Spotify for another app.

The place in this article is that I am not on your own. Spotify, for more than a ten years, has been about listening. Throw a thing on, sit again, and drown in your favored jams or that real criminal offense podcast you cannot pull by yourself away from. Heck, you can even use it even though you sleep!

Resistant to improve

Of system, you will nonetheless technically be ready to do all of that, even with the update. It truly is crucial not to get also carried away though hating one thing new and weird. You can find usually the risk that the new Spotify does not make me recoil in horror as substantially as I imagine it might, and I have to account for that.

That claimed, I really don’t want to shell out my important time on this planet preventing electronic landmines just to get to my songs and podcasts. This bevy of video written content could theoretically interrupt anything I am listening to, or more degrade my valuable phone battery. And as I have by now laid out, I do not go to Spotify to observe issues.

I comprehend the temptation to imitate TikTok. I really do, even if I am a cranky outdated guy who won’t like to use that certain application. But in a time when most of us can agree that we look at our phones much too substantially presently, and that doing so likely isn’t really good for us, it is both of those bothersome and concerning that Spotify is heading in this direction. Soon after all, the hi-fi listening experience the organization promised much more than two yrs ago is just not below however, with this pivot to online video seemingly using precedence.

In which does this finish? 5 many years from now, will Spotify even generally be a tunes-listening application? I dunno, but Apple Audio looks genuine enticing suitable now.