November 2022 Android security update now available, rolling out to Pixel phones

November 2022 Android security update now available, rolling out to Pixel phones

The latest security patches should be hitting your Pixel phone soon.

Google consistently publishes a new Android Security Bulletin on the first Monday of every month, and they’ve done so for nearly every month in the last few years. Thus, it’s no surprise that today, Google published the Android Security Bulletin for November 2022 and a new security update is rolling out for supported Pixel phones. A handful of Samsung Galaxy devices have also started receiving the new set of patches.

November 2022 Android Security Update Bulletin

In the latest Android Security Bulletin, Google disclosed several security vulnerabilities affecting the Android framework, system, and Google Play system updates components. These vulnerabilities have been patched with the 2022-11-01 security patch level. Meanwhile, Google also disclosed a bunch of vulnerabilities in closed-source vendor components. These vulnerabilities are addressed with the 2022-11-05 security patch level.

Pixel Update Bulletin/Functional Update

In addition to patching the vulnerabilities affecting all Android devices, the November 2022 Android security update also patches a few issues exclusively affecting Google’s own Pixel phones. These are documented in the Pixel Update Bulletin for this month.

The full changelog is below:

The November 2022 security update has gradually started rolling out to the Pixel 4a series, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 6 series, Pixel 6a, and the Pixel 7 series. The build number of the latest release is TP1A.221105.002 (TD1A.221105.001/.003 for the Pixel 7 family). Notably, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are excluded from this month’s roster.

If you would rather not wait for the update (or can’t take the update since your phone is rooted), take a look at our Android 13 download article for the latest OTA files and factory images.

Samsung November 2022 Update

Along with the Pixel devices mentioned above, Samsung is rolling out the November 2022 Android security update to the third and fourth generation Galaxy foldables. For the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the build numbers are F721BXXS1AVJE and F721U1UES1AVJ7 for the global and the US unlocked models, respectively.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4’s US unlocked variant has also received the new patch in the form of software version F936U1UES1AVJ1, so be on the look out for that. Similarly, the unlocked models of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 have picked up the new release through software version F926U1UES2DVJ1 and F711U1UES3EVJ2, respectively.

For more information on how Android security patch updates work, check out our in-depth explainer on the topic.

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