National grid collapse: Other sources of electricity you fit use afta national grid collapse

National grid collapse: Other sources of electricity you fit use afta national grid collapse

Power official

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Power distribution companies for Nigerian don complain say moni pipo dey pay for light dey small

Minister of Power, Abubakar Aliyu, say dem don restore di the national grid wey collapse few days ago for Nigeria.

E tok on Wednesday. 16, March 2022 during briefing afta di Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting wey Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo chair.

Mr Aliyu say pleti resolutions don come out afta series of emergency meetings wey di Ministry of Power hold wit all stakeholders and dem discuss well-well di issues and resolved all di problems.

Di minister emphasise say Nigeria dey generates up to 8,000 Mega Watts.

According to Aliyu, di shortage of gas and maintenance of generators plus di fuel situation combine to make di problem worse for di national grid.

E assure say di Federal Executive Council don approve Five billion Naira to open up and expand Lagos/Ogun, to reinforce power supply to dat region.

Di collapse of Nigeria national electricity grids bin leave many Nigerians for darkness.

Electricity consumers for Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan, Anambra bin suffer darkness as di national grid collapse again.

Di collapse bin happun at di same time as di kontri dey battle fuel scarcity.

Dis na di second time in two years di national grid go collapse.

Dis bin make many pipo begin reason alternative source of power for pipo wey dey find stable electricity.

Why some states for Nigeria experience blackout

Collapse of national grid na wen imbalance dey for di system – weda for generation plant or distribution plant.

Nigeria electricity national grids collapse on Monday and some parts of di kontri don enta darkness.

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) say di kontri experience total system collapse wey cause voltage collapse for some parts of di grid at 10:40 am on Monday.

Two electricity distribution companies, Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDP), Kaduna Electric and di Enugu Electricity Distribution PLC (EEDC) say dem dey experience power outage.

Electricity consumers for Lagos, Enugu, Ibadan, Anambra, and some oda states enta darkness afta di national grid collapse again on Tuesday.

Oda sources of electricity

In di middle of di blackout Nigerians wey get di opportunity don fall back on alternative sources of electricity.

Many sources to provide electricity including Solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, tidal, geothermal energy and biomass energy.

But for na three dey popular pass for Nigeria according to Salahudeen Olalekan tell BBC Pidgin.


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Inverter controller

According to di alternative energy engineer e dey necessary for pipo to get solar panel or inverter. Battery inverter dey convert power to wey pipo fit use for dia devices for house.

E say alternative energy dey easy to maintain but e dey expensive

For inverters, “1kva/12volts system wey be one battery system na like N350,000. 1.7kva to 3.5kva na 24volts wit two batteries and di cost na N550,000 while 5kva wey be 48v solar power system na N950,000.”

Olalekan say di alternative power dey easy to maintain and e dey “help pesin dey discipline on how to manage electricity.

Solar energy

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View of house wey dey use solar panel

Solar power dey work by converting energy from di sun into power.

Olalekan say solar panel also dey cost like di battery intverter.

“E need sun intensity to work well. Di electricity dey generate through di use of solar panels, wey get different size from residential rooftops to ‘solar farms’.

“Di solar panel dey necessary to make di inverter work well especially if pesin dey live for wia light no stabel.

“Di solar panel don cost now sake of di high demand. panel for 250wts wey fit service 1,5kva battery na N50,000 for one and pesin need atleast two to fit get optimum service,” e tok.


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Generator wey dey use petrol

Generator na machine wey dey provide electricity – di machine dey run on petrol or diesel-powered engine.

Di alternative energy engineer say unlike inverter and solar panel, generator voltage no dey constant.

According to Olalekan, “generator good for those wey feel say inverter cost becos di money to set up inverter cost pass to buy generator.

“But di challenge be say say di running cost for generator, cost pass to get inverter.” Becos you go dey buy fuel steady and Nigeria currently dey face fuel scarcity palava wey don make di price of petrol go up.

Dis no be di first time

Dis no be di first time wey di national grid go collapse,

For May 2021, di Nigeria electricity national grids bin collapse and some parts of di kontri don enta darkness.

Three electricity distribution companies, Ikeja electric, Kaduna electric and Eko electric bin tok dat time say dem dey experience power outage but dem restore di light at about 1 hour afta di outage.