How to fix an all-in-one printer, handle virtual RAM and upgrade a computer

How to fix an all-in-one printer, handle virtual RAM and upgrade a computer

Q: I have an Epson XP-830 all-in-one particular printer. It is connected to my wi-fi property network and prints from my desktop and laptop computer employing Wi-Fi. But I can’t get the printer’s scan function to function. When striving to scan to my computer I get the information: “Communication problem. Verify if the pc is connected.” When I have tried to reinstall the Epson software, I get to the close and it states: “The printer wasn’t uncovered. Make sure you make positive the printer is linked to the very same network as your computer.” I have checked my Norton Stability options and have the Epson characteristics checked to permit them.

The printing function is doing work high-quality. Can you enable me to get the scan function functioning again? It made use of to work, but it’s been awhile since I’ve made use of it. I now have Windows 11 on my desktop, if that might make a difference. I’m baffled.

Harold Robertson

A: The initially step is to make positive you have got the most up-to-date variations of the motorists and utilities for that printer, especially given that you’ve upgraded to Home windows 11.

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Also, it could be that you have to have to operate the scanning app as an administrator. Due to the fact, not like a printer, a scanner sends data TO your computer system it may be that Home windows 11 is blocking conversation if you are not functioning the software as an administrator. Suitable-click on the program and see if there’s a “run as administrator” choice.

If neither of these ways functions it is time to speak to Epson tech help.

Q: I just read through your column for Jan. 29 and would like to remark on the primary motive I have mounted SSDs in my pcs. Around time, application apps in general have develop into much more demanding on RAM memory utilization. When demand from customers exceeds what is available for a given activity, personal computers begin working with “virtual memory,” which is truly tough drive memory and which is a great deal slower than good point out RAM memory. This phenomenon has induced quite a few of my desktops to develop into sluggish. Changing the SATA generate with an SSD has breathed new lifetime into my more mature pcs by drastically speeding up virtual memory fetches. I use Acronis software to clone my SATA on to a new SSD and the personal computer commences up and runs correctly immediately after undertaking this.

— Greg Kromholtz

A: That tends to make feeling. Solid-point out drives (SSDs) are virtually indestructible and are more rapidly than SATA drives.

Still, unlike SATA drives SSDs do have boundaries on the figures of occasions they can be composed to. The fantastic news is that the ceiling is large on quantity of writes. By one particular estimate I’ve noticed, if you wrote 100GB of info a working day to an SSD it would choose you 27.4 decades to achieve the restrict.

But bear in intellect that if you really do not add RAM to your personal computer and the running procedure is using your SSD as virtual memory, you could possibly conceivably be hitting that ceiling significantly faster.

With that in intellect, why not increase RAM to your computer system so that it is not getting to use virtual memory?

Q: Bought any concept what this is all about? I not too long ago upgraded to Windows 11, which was a big mistake. Now I get gradual responses and I just cannot find anything.

And I’m having the adhering to mistake concept: “ This XML file does not surface to have any model facts involved with it. The doc tree is demonstrated beneath.


Your ask for header section exceeds the utmost allowed measurement.




Ray R.

A: Any time a person upgrades to a new edition of an working system it’s a very good concept to make absolutely sure you’ve obtained the most recent edition of systems and drivers you have installed. And certainly, some developers may possibly be a small guiding in updating, which can end result in glitches.

Since it appears that you’re having that mistake information when utilizing a internet browser, my advice is to, very first, update that browser and, next, if the difficulty persists use a unique browser until finally the a single you are making use of will get current.