How to Buy a Great Budget Gaming Laptop for Less than $1,000

How to Buy a Great Budget Gaming Laptop for Less than $1,000

Lots of people want to play games on the go, but many of them don’t want to (or can’t afford to) spend thousands of dollars on the most premium gaming laptops around. Some of the best gaming laptops are very expensive. But what if you only have $1,000 or less to spend?

Recently, I’ve been researching the sub-$1,000 budget gaming laptop space, and was surprised to find it a confusing wasteland that can, if you’re not careful, leave you with old or outdated tech in the guise of a deal. (We’ve listed some of the best gaming laptop deals.) On the other hand, there are a few slightly older machines that can be had for a bargain with some bumped up specs.

Don’t know where to start looking for a gaming laptop that costs less than $1,000? Here are my tips: 

Go Straight to the Manufacturer’s Site

If you want to see the latest availability in the plainest terms, consider going straight to the manufacturer. This tip really works for those who sell their own laptops, like Alienware (opens in new tab) and Dell (opens in new tab), Lenovo (opens in new tab), HP (opens in new tab) and Acer (opens in new tab)