How Long Will My Android Phone Be Supported With Updates?

How Long Will My Android Phone Be Supported With Updates?

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Updates are a large offer in the Android planet. Apple controls the Apple iphone update process, but Google does not have that power around Android. How are you supposed to know how lengthy your Android telephone will get updates? We’ll assistance you.

It is All About the Maker

When it comes to Android equipment and updates, you cannot glimpse at all of Android as a entire. The question is not “when will my Android phone be supported?” It’s “when will my [manufacturer] telephone be supported?”

There applied to be lots of companies pumping out Android gadgets, but it’s been mainly narrowed down to Samsung, Google, and a handful of more compact players—at least in the U.S. We’ll focus on those people providers.

Android OS Up grade vs. Protection Update

In advance of we dive in, there is one particular distinction that requirements to be made. There are two styles of Android updates. Stability updates are scaled-down and get there far more commonly. They really do not normally incorporate large alterations, but they’re quite crucial.

Android upgrades or “major OS updates” are annually. This is when Android 12 upgrades to Android 13, or A single UI 3 to A person UI 4, and so on. Commonly, gadgets will get one far more calendar year of safety updates following they obtain their final OS upgrade.

Note: Update timelines get started at the time of release. If a system was introduced in Oct 2021 and it receives 5 a long time of safety updates, the final update will be in October 2026 regardless of when you bought it.

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How Long Will My Samsung Cellular phone Be Supported?

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Samsung releases a great deal of Android products and they never all obtain the very same sum of updates. Thankfully, the organization maintains a in-depth “Security Updates Scope” web-site with info for specific equipment.

Updates are released on a regular, quarterly, and biannual routine. Newer Samsung equipment get updates extra routinely. Units released in 2019 or later obtain four decades of safety updates, even though more recent equipment receive up to five years.

In addition to individuals safety updates, Samsung delivers four Android upgrades for a bulk of its devices. The checklist of people units can be located on Samsung’s web page and it consists of more recent styles from people series’ as well.

The brief answer for the bulk of Samsung units is you’ll get four Android updates and five several years of stability updates.

How Prolonged Will My Google Pixel Cell phone Be Supported?

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Google doesn’t have just about as lots of units to worry about as Samsung, but they’re however not all addressed the similar. Support timelines for Pixel gadgets can be identified below on Google’s web site.

Newer devices—starting with the Pixel 6 series—receive 3 many years of Android updates and five decades of safety updates. The Pixel 5a via the Pixel 3a get 3 decades of Android upgrades and safety updates. The Pixel 3 and more mature Pixels are no more time supported.

If you individual a Google Pixel, you’re on the lookout at three to 5 several years of assist.

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How Long Are Other Telephones Supported?

Over and above the big hitters, there are a few other Android makers to know about.


The OnePlus 8 and more recent units receive 3 years of Android updates and 4 yrs of protection updates. More mature units obtain two many years of upgrades and a few many years of stability updates. The Nord series receives a person year of upgrades and three several years of protection updates


Motorola has a person of the most missing update techniques amongst Android brands. It varies enormously depending on the system you have. More recent units obtain two Android upgrades and two yrs of security updates. You can search up your design on Motorola’s website.


Most Sony phones get two years of Android upgrades and security updates. Sony does not give a lot of data about its update timelines.


LG shut down its smartphone company in 2021, but telephones introduced in 2019 or later on are intended to get 3 many years of Android updates.

Samsung and Google Are the Most Reputable

At the time of composing in April 2022, Samsung and Google are head and shoulders over the relaxation of the Android earth when it will come to updates.

People are the devices you ought to think about if you want extensive-phrase assistance. You don’t want to use a mobile phone devoid of up-to-date program. It is vital for stability to have a supported phone.