Global Huawei Mate Xs foldable phone gets January 2023 update

Global Huawei Mate Xs foldable phone gets January 2023 update

Huawei has released February 2023 EMUI safety patch specifics that will fetch much better safety for smartphones working EMUI 12..1, EMUI 12., and EMUI 11 in the global market.

In the meantime, Huawei keeps on sending protection patches, optimizations, and other critical functionality upgrades above the OTA method straight to the products.

Meanwhile, Huawei has not produced the February 2023 EMUI stability patch update for smartphones but it may perhaps soon be shipped to the corresponding eligible products.

Why it’s significant?

Protection patches are vital and Huawei releases these updates for smartphones to put into action high security actions to guard the details and battle vulnerabilities. This sort of updates roll out month-to-month and quarterly sessions.

What mounted:

Huawei has fixed 2 problems in crucial problem, 14 of them fastened in higher mode, medium and low level of vulnerabilities are not recorded this time. When there are 23 typical vulnerability exposures patched from the previous firmware variation.

Particularly, it fixes an unauthorized accessibility vulnerability (CVE-2022-48286) in the multi-screen collaboration module, which could have influenced the confidentiality of the documents that you are sharing around the air.

There are two medium-stage vulnerabilities fastened for Bluetooth modules, which could exploit user information. CVE-2022-48295 addresses the fix of authentification of the IHwAntiMalPlugin API, which could allow malware attack your Huawei system.

Next will come the Huawei repair for permission administration vulnerability in the SystemUI module, which might induce customers to receive deceptive broadcasts from malicious apps for storage exploitations.

Below you can look at all of the CVE counts and codes outlined in the February 2023 protection bulletin.


  • CVE-2022-22088, CVE-2022-41674


  • CVE-2022-20456, CVE-2022-20461, CVE-2022-20489, CVE-2022-20490, CVE-2022-20492, CVE-2022-20493, CVE-2022-20494, CVE-2023-20905, CVE-2023-20913, CVE-2023-20915, CVE-2023-20920, CVE-2023-20921, CVE-2022-33255, CVE-2022-32635

Now incorporated in prior updates:

  • CVE-2022-20504, CVE-2022-20506, CVE-2022-20513, CVE-2022-20515, CVE-2022-20516, CVE-2022-20517, CVE-2022-20518, CVE-2022-20520, CVE-2022-20521, CVE-2022-20525, CVE-2022-20528, CVE-2022-20530, CVE-2022-20537, CVE-2022-20539, CVE-2022-20541, CVE-2022-20544, CVE-2022-20546, CVE-2022-20552, CVE-2022-42535, CVE-2022-42542, CVE-2022-20496, CVE-2022-20566, CVE-2021-39793

February 2023 security patch might just take some time to toss in excess of the equipment and we’ll preserve you posted.

Huawei EMUI February 2023 security patch