Did Californians charge their 0,000 electric Tesla Supercars with gas generators because the grid was overloaded?

Did Californians charge their $120,000 electric Tesla Supercars with gas generators because the grid was overloaded?

Here’s why that image and caption demonstrating a Tesla becoming charged by a fuel generator.

Previously this 7 days a photograph of a Tesla Product Y with California plates being charged by a fuel generator went viral on social media. Previously mentioned the photo is the caption, “California: You need to have a fuel generator to charge your $120K electric tremendous vehicle since the grid is overloaded. You gotta appreciate the irony.”

This is in all probability the oldest and most viral occasion of that picture.

California, like most of the Southwest, is going by a historic heat wave with many days of temps effectively above 100F.

As these, California’s power grid, specifically through the hrs of peak heat, is getting set to the test as virtually tens of millions of California homes (14M properties, 75 p.c of them with ACs) ramp up their air conditioning models at the identical time.

What this image is making an attempt to do is elicit an Anti-California, anti-renewable strength, and anti-electric automobile psychological reaction out of whoever will come throughout it?

But, is any of the photograph and caption actually legitimate?

Here’s what I located out.

To start with, I could not find the photograph origin or why this owner resolved to charge his Tesla Design Y with a generator. It is doable their Tesla is indeed dead and he necessary a portable generator to energy it up and charge it.

So of course, level taken whoever wrote the caption.

When your electric car or truck operates out of charge, even in the liberal point out of California with a bunch of renewable strength, you nonetheless have to rely on filthy dino juice to electricity up a fuel generator to cost your so-identified as environmentally pleasant electrical auto.

Checkmate Commiefornia.

But, did the grid overload this week? Even as temps in some California towns touched 116F?

Although California’s grid was absolutely put to the take a look at, with California ISO resorting to ramping up back again-up turbines crafted exclusively for months like this a single, California’s electrical grid held potent, narrowly avoiding resorting to rolling blackouts.

What need for energy seemed like on Tuesday Sept 6, 2022.

California ISO pulled out every trick in the guide with several desire reaction activities which include the aforementioned back again-up generators, texting out an emergency flex alerts, and remotely powering down close customers who volunteered to have devices and amenities run down for the duration of peak demand durations.

In truth, on Tuesday, California broke a electrical power demand history.

To make very clear, the grid did not overload.

Even though it is true that countless numbers of Californians did endure from energy outages that day, in accordance to United states Nowadays,

“Residents throughout Northern California ended up in the darkish Tuesday and into Wednesday morning, according to Pacific Gasoline & Electric powered. The incident was spurred because of to a miscommunication and led to power currently being slice by oversight to clients in many metropolitan areas.”

But, by and massive, even if you have been cautioned not to set thermostats earlier 78F or use significant appliances concerning 4-9 P.M., if you required to charge your EV, you technically could.

No one would cease you.

But, what about $120,000? Are Californians seriously shelling out that considerably for their Teslas?

Whoever produced that caption possibly baffled what’s demonstrated, a Tesla Model Y, with the much much larger, much more expensive Tesla Design X.

Certainly, Design X’s are about $120,000 right before expenses and markups.

Tesla Design Y’s are a great deal more affordable at around $60,000.

The additional popular Model 3’s are even less expensive at all over $50,000.

And by no suggests are most Teslas supercars.

Other than for the best of the line Tesla Product S’s and the nevertheless to be launched Tesla Roadster 2., most Teslas are just normal autos, crossovers, and SUVs that transpire to be very fast…and electrical.


This tweet was supposed to be a slam dunk that, even with California’s thrust towards renewables, you’ll by no means become detached from soiled oil.

For the second, which is true, most of California’s grid relies on normal gasoline. That’s especially legitimate when the sunshine goes down.

If the United States is to turn out to be power unbiased we have to check out, in which we can, to focus a lot more on renewables, and that’s what California is undertaking.

When the solar is strongest, even I’m surprised with how substantially renewables adds to our grid, supplying practically a third of electrical power.

What our power combine looks with renewables at its peak.

Even when pushed to its restrictions before this 7 days, our grid survived with home (nonetheless little) to spare.

Even in this arguably starting stage, in the grand scheme of renewables + purely natural fuel time period of vitality output, California’s grid reliably supplied electric power to 40M Californians.

It’s worth noting California’s grid is only definitely strained like this a handful of times a yr when temps soar previous 100 for numerous days in a row.

As much more renewables are extra and the grid increases, our electric source will become significantly less reliant on organic gas, the grid ever additional resilient.

10 decades from now (or much less) that “meme” tweet of sorts will be proven as it genuinely is, shorter sighted.