Delayed March update failed to solve connectivity issues for many hopeful Pixel 6 users

Delayed March update failed to solve connectivity issues for many hopeful Pixel 6 users

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Delayed March update failed to solve connectivity issues for many hopeful Pixel 6 users

When Google released the delayed March Quarterly Feature Drop last Monday, it included a large number of fixes that were supposed to exterminate a large number of bugs that users had been complaining about including connectivity issues with both cellular and Wi-Fi signals. Based on comments posted on Reddit, it appears that many Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users have been left disappointed by the update.

For example, one Reddit subscriber wrote, “My P6P (unlocked on Verizon) is still disconnecting from the network even after the March update. Because wifi is still working, I may not notice for hours. Of course, this is a really serious problem as I’m missing calls and text messages. Is anyone else still having this issue? I’m having trouble finding much on it that is recent. Any real fixes?”

And here is another complaint, also from someone who owns the Pixel 6 Pro. “I have had this exact same issue for a while. Was really hoping March security update would fix it, but nothing’s changed. If at all, it feels it’s gotten worse. Add to that phone heats up more often now. Genuinely annoyed at this point. Cannot have a decent functioning phone. This is their premium phone. What a joke.”

Grab the Google Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro

Some of those who are not seeing any improvement following the update have either contemplated selling or have actually sold their Pixel 6 series handset and purchased one of the Samsung Galaxy S22 models, usually the Galaxy S22+ or the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Lately, some owners have had the same problems as this Pixel 6 Pro owner who wrote “If you read some of the detailed posts, you can see that when the Pixel 6 Pro is in the degraded state, it is still able to communicate with the cellular network for data. So, you could be actively using the device to browse the web, using apps, and receiving notifications but unaware that voice calls and SMS are “out of service.”

Replacement Pixels seem to be running batter

And still, there are those who continue to own a Pixel 6 series unit free of issues. According to some interesting posts from redditors making the rounds on the platform, there is a theory that Pixel 6 series phones with a serial number starting with the numbers “19” (indicating that the phone was made in September 2021) are more likely to have connectivity problems. You can find this information on your Pixel 6 series unit by going to Settings > About phone > Model and you’ll see your phone’s serial number.

There have been some users who report that their Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro’s serial number does begin with “19” but have no problems to report. To decipher your serial number, the first digit is either a “1” or “2” indicating that the phone was assembled in 2021 or 2022 respectively. The second digit or letter indicates the month that the phone was built with 1-9 equivalent to January-September) and A-C representing October – December.
Others with a connectivity issue have received a suggestion to disable 5G on their phones. To do that, go to Settings > Network & Internet > SIMs > Verizon > Preferred network type and set it to LTE. But honestly, you have paid for a 5G phone and it seems unfair to make a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro buyer disable 5G to make the phone work normally.
This takes us to perhaps the last resort. Call your carrier and/or Google and demand an RMA. While some have found that all of their problems have disappeared with a replacement, one snake-bit Pixel 6 Pro owner is now on his fourth unit all in the span of three weeks:

  • Defective store-bought P6Pro, fingerprint sensor wasn’t lighting up
  • 1st RMA Microphone wasn’t working (refurbished phone sent)
  • 2nd RMA Camera Module made the phone hard freeze
  • 3rd RMA (current). Losing connection every 20-30 minutes.

Yet, there are still many Pixel 6 series users who don’t have any issues to report at all and the vast majority of these say that they love their phone. And that goes for yours truly as well. If you own a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, what has been your experience with the phone? Did you notice any improvement following the March update, did things get better, or did they get worse?

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