Best Food Truck Generators for Your Business | Student Reviews

Best Food Truck Generators for Your Business | Student Reviews

Several things can influence the success of your food truck. If you are a fledgling entrepreneur trying to start your own business or you want to improve your current food truck, the type of generator that will provide electricity to your food truck is one factor that will determine how easy things will be for you.

In this post, we’ll look into the many food truck generator types and discuss how to choose the best one for your needs. To help you choose your generator more wisely, we recommend you thoroughly read all the aspects detailed in this article, as it is filled with relevant advice.

Our Top Generators for Food Trucks

In a hurry? These are our favorite food truck generators:

  1. Honda Generator EU7000is (Best For Food Trucks)
  2. GenMax Portable Inverter Generator 9000w (Great Reviews)
  3. Westinghouse IGen 4500 (Cost Friendly)
  4. DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator 13000w (Hybrid)
  5. Champion Power Equipment 100485 PRO
  6. PowerSmart Inverter Generator Gas Powered 4400w

Food Truck Generator Types


If you’re looking for the best generator to provide electricity to a food truck, you don’t have to go too far, as there are only three types: Inverter, portable, and built-in generators.

You must choose the one that better suits your demands. Keep reading to learn more about the most effective option for you!

Built-in Generator

The ideal solution for larger food trucks is a built-in generator. It is easy to store inside a small compartment and offers enough power for all your requirements.

Since these generators occupy more space than others, they are not recommended for kitchens with limited space or crowded areas.

Portable Generator

Food trucks are often powered by portable gas-powered generators that generate energy with an onboard alternator.

Many people pick these generators because they are less expensive than the other options, allowing them to save resources and money! Although they have many advantages, portable generators can be heavier and noisier than other options.

Inverter Generators

If you want to power your food truck, inverter generators driven by an alternator provide many advantages. They generate cleaner, more sustainable power than other generators and are quieter, lighter, and more convenient.

Although inverter generators produce less power than other generators, their long-term expense reductions are why people choose them.

How to Choose the Best Food Truck Generator


Your vehicle type, features, and personal tastes are the main things to consider when choosing generators for a food truck.

However, the needs of each food truck vary, so there is not one generator that can meet all of them. Choose the one that best suits your requirements by taking into account the following elements:


Establishing and sticking to a budget is crucial when choosing a food truck generator. Be sure the one you choose meets all your expectations, including how much you’re willing to spend, and that it’s a realistic price for the features you want.

Run Time

Consider how long the generator will need to run. An affordable model could be okay if the food truck only needs to operate for one or two hours each day.

Nevertheless, if you intend to be in business longer, you should consider spending more on a version that can withstand higher usage and demand.

Power Output

Add up the wattage of all the appliances and electrical devices you’ll need to run your truck to get the lowest power output required. If an appliance’s wattage requirement isn’t specified, multiply the volts by the amperes to figure it out.

Fuel Capacity

Your fuel use can be significantly impacted by the design of your food truck. A built-in generator connected to the vehicle’s fuel tank makes refilling automated and hassle-free, but an external gas-powered generator will require manual refueling.


All generators must have a ventilation system to protect your guests, staff, and yourself. This helps to prevent toxic emissions that could risk everyone’s health.

Noise Level

Review local rules and restrictions before making a purchase. It’s crucial to verify with the authorities before choosing the best generator because some places restrict generators that exceed certain noise levels.

It’s vital to double-check in advance because if your generator is deemed excessively noisy, it could make it unusable in your area.

Completely silent generators are rare, so food truck owners settle for a portable gas-powered generator with fuel efficiency, which tends to be the quietest.


Remember to choose a generator for a food truck that is more power-efficient than large. A generator that is too large can limit the productivity of your kitchen.

Calculating the Generator’s Wattage

Understanding the power capacity and size requirements is crucial if you intend to buy a generator for a food truck.

The power requirements can be estimated by determining the minimum watts the food truck needs. Have a look at these simple ways to calculate this number:

  • Record wattage: Take the time to carefully inspect each gadget you want to use and note its wattage. This information will likely be printed someplace on the food truck equipment.
  • Determine the missing wattage: All you need is a basic calculation to get the wattage of a gadget that doesn’t specify it: multiply the amps by the volts.
  • Compute the amount: Add the wattages of all the equipment on the food truck to get the total. This ensures you’ll get the correct generator power to satisfy your demands.

How to Choose the Optimal Food Truck Generator Size



The proper generator is crucial to ensure your food truck can continue operating. When investing in a generator, you should carefully assess how much energy your vehicle uses and how many hours it will operate.

A generator that is too small might result in significant financial losses. Make sure you have the appropriate size generator so you can always keep your truck in business!

Sizes of Generators for Food Trucks

You can also categorize your generators based on their sizes. Below is a summary of the most common sizes and their corresponding electrical capabilities to help you determine which one is ideal for your needs:

  • Small: A small generator will supply up to 4,000 watts, making it ideal for a short time.
  • Medium: A medium generator produces up to 6,000 watts of electricity.
  • Large: Large generators can give you 8,000 watts of electricity thanks to their higher capacities.

It’s important to remember that not all generators fit these categories. Some have a substantially bigger capacity than a “Large” generator, while others may fall between two categories.

Top Best Generators for Food Trucks

#1 Honda EU7000iS Generator – Best For Food Trucks



Simply put, the Honda EU7000iS Generator is the pinnacle of strength and dependability. With a maximum output capacity of 7,000 watts, this powerhouse can handle everything from supplementary energy supply on building sites to providing electricity to areas suffering from blackouts. Its cutting-edge machine’s adaptability makes it a fantastic option for most food trucks!

This is probably the most popular generator right now, and we aren’t surprised by it. It features high technology advances that generate steady, clean power and sufficient energy to power small equipment securely.

It also has many easy-to-use features, such as an eco-friendly silent mode that lowers the noise it produces when you don’t want to bother the people around you, electric start capabilities, built-in wheels for easy movement throughout your area, and more.

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#2 GENMAX Portable Inverter Generator



If you run a food truck and need a dependable, easy-to-use generator, you must have the GENMAX 9000W Portable Generator. With a 9000W quiet gas engine, parallel capacity, remote start technology, and digital features that effortlessly track your fuel consumption, this generator has all the necessary features to ensure a successful food truck business.

The GENMAX 9000W Portable Generator will undoubtedly provide extra value to all your food truck businesses thanks to its many advantages and simple setup process!

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#3 Portable Inverter Generator Westinghouse iGen 4500



The Westinghouse iGen4500 Generator is the best option for those who enjoy road trips. This portable generator efficiently produces 4500 watts of safe and dependable energy, making it ideal for anybody who owns a food truck, enjoys RVing, or needs backup electricity to prevent power outages. The iGen4500 simplifies your journey with features such as auto choke and remote electric start – even in low temperatures!

This RV-ready generator has a handle kit and a wheel for easy mobility. Its parallel function lets you connect two devices to provide twice the power output! The fantastic inverter generator from Westinghouse is ideal if you want a stable emergency power source.

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#4 DuroMax XP13000EH Portable Generator



The DuroMax XP13000EH Portable Generator is a fantastic instrument designed for the most demanding tasks and food trucks.

You can start working immediately because of the hassle-free electric start provided by this 13,000-watt incredible strong system! This generator can accommodate your wide fuel selection thanks to its dual fuel function.

The XP13000EH includes several safety measures, including voltage control and low oil shut-off to prevent excessive power output. It can handle any type of work, regardless of its difficulty, thanks to its strong design and construction!

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#5 Champion Power Equipment PRO



Are you looking for a reliable and powerful portable generator? The Champion 100485 PRO Power Equipment is the best option for you. Without a carburetor, the EFI engine in this amazing generator generates starting power of more than 11,000 watts and operating power of around 9,000 watts.

It includes integrated CO ShieldTM technology as protection from fatal carbon monoxide emissions. Install this cutting-edge system in your house or place of business right now for optimal effectiveness.

This generator is built with a sturdy, weatherproof structure, making it capable of handling any circumstance. You can rely on this generator to keep running in all types of weather, whether for your food truck, home, or workplace.

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#6 PowerSmart Gas Powered Inverter Generator



The PowerSmart Gas Powered Inverter Generator is ideal for using at home or when traveling. Its tremendous 4400 watts of electricity at 120V makes it perfect for operating appliances and charging batteries anywhere you install it, including a food truck.

This PowerSmart natural gas generator meets all your electricity requirements thanks to its simplicity and adaptability.

Moreover, the generator can operate in parallel with other devices for increased power production and works extremely quietly to prevent your neighborhood or food truck from being disturbed by loud noises. Also, it can be easily moved from one location to another as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Generators for Food Trucks

We have all the solutions you need if you want to buy a generator but lack the knowledge or want additional details to decide whether you should purchase one or not.

Check out our extensive collection of generator-related commonly asked questions. We’re sure it’ll tell you everything you need to clarify your doubts before making a final decision.

What Is the Price Range?

Depending on the model and any other features you choose, a food truck generator can range from $500 to $3,000.

The generator’s price will differ significantly depending on its output capacity, type of machine, and whether or not it offers any other benefits and features.

How Do I Connect It to the Food Truck?

If you choose the built-in generator option, hardwiring is required. We advise having a professional install that type of generator so that you don’t get exposed to dangerous conditions by trying to do it yourself. Find someone with experience in the mechanical and electrical fields, as doing this isn’t as easy as it seems.

Installing your generator inside your food truck is not a good idea. Generators emit carbon monoxide, so ensure they are in an area with enough ventilation.

Moreover, ensure that anything in the installation area is heat-resistant and non-flammable because specific generators get hot over time.

It doesn’t matter what kind of generator you choose to purchase. You must read the user manual to understand what plugs and accessories are required to power all its vital equipment.

Remember to complete this critical step before using your new silent generator! It will prevent you from damaging it or putting yourself in danger. If you have a toilet onboard be sure to check out our guide on the best bidet converter kits.

Is a Generator for Food Trucks a Reliable Source of Power?

Generators are dependable and effective power sources for food trucks, especially compared to other options. Below is a summary of the benefits and downsides of the two most popular options you can get instead of a generator:

Solar Panels

Noise levels are among the main issues people consider when choosing solar panels. When it comes to operating quietly, solar panels outperform gas-powered generators. You can gather solar energy and transform it into electric power using solar panels.

Some of these machines have additional storage capabilities, including portable power stations.

However, solar generators are always silent because they don’t have any moving parts. Moreover, there won’t be any loud rattles coming from the back of the truck, so consumers worried about noise won’t avoid your food truck, making you earn more money.

Solar energy is also free. You will only be responsible for the initial setup. Other than that, there are no further fuel expenses when you use solar panels.

Propane Tanks

Since it is practical and usually affordable, propane is a fantastic option for generating electricity for your food truck. Propane management should be done cautiously because it can be more flammable than natural gas.

Also, it’s important to remember that certain municipal governments may have tight regulations regarding propane tanks that might make it impossible for your vehicle to operate within your location, so do your research before purchasing one.

How Much Oil Does a Generator for Food Trucks Need?

Some food truck generators have a regular fill hole with a dipstick for inspection or an extended oil fill tube. Specific models need you to unscrew the fill cap to ensure the oil is at the fill line or the top of the fill hole. Make sure not to overfill it.

You can damage your generator’s engine by adding too much and not enough oil. This is because when air bubbles grow in the oil, its overall lubrication is reduced. Metal-to-metal contact and the subsequent friction can make it break down sooner than expected. Moreover, extra oil can burn inside the cylinder, emitting smoke and leaving carbon residue.

While learning how to power food trucks, use the amount of oil the manufacturer indicates so you don’t lose your investment. It is also valuable to purchase fuel-efficient portable generators, as they will produce less waste and more power.

When preparing to start a small engine, make it a habit to check the oil level and its current state. You will get the most accurate reading when checking the oil while the engine is excellent and most of the oil remains in the crankcase.

How Is the Maintenance Process of a Generator for Food Trucks?

A generator can be compared to the heart of your food truck because it pumps crucial energy into the appliances that make up its organs. Therefore, it’s vital to take proper care of it. After all, if your food truck doesn’t have electricity, you can’t cook and serve your delicious dishes.

It would help if you did a few things to take care of your food truck generator. Make sure you read the handbook first.

Although it can be tedious, the handbook provides crucial maintenance instructions that you must adhere to keep your generator in excellent operating conditions. Next, check that your generator isn’t being overworked.

This implies you shouldn’t overload it, let it operate on little to no fuel, and keep it out of bad weather.

If you take care of your generator, you should be able to use it for many years with little to no maintenance charges.

Finally, and most importantly, ensure your generator has a reliable guarantee. Specific generators offer more extended warranties, so it may be wise to look into them.

Although paying more for a guarantee may seem inconvenient, it will save you money if something happens to it.

Similarly, your food truck insurance policy will provide additional protection for your generator. Make sure your plan has a clause that covers equipment damage. Replacement costs for damaged or stolen equipment, such as your precious generator, can be decreased and even eliminated with equipment insurance.

This will give you a financial safety net allowing you to rest easily without worrying about getting a new generator if your current one breaks.

Bottom Line

Finding food truck generators may sound easy, but you must know many aspects to ensure you get what your food truck needs. When choosing a generator for food trucks, you must be mindful of how much power you’ll need, whether it is fuel efficient or not, what it is running power and continuous power, and many other factors.

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Therefore, this guide is a fantastic starting point for food truck owners to find a silent generator that meets their needs. Please let us know whether it worked for you or not! Now that you have the power covered check out how to grow a following on instagram for your food truck business.

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