A new version of DRM software Denuvo is coming to squat on your games

Electronic Legal rights Management computer software Denuvo is a recurring Laptop gaming villain, regularly blamed for start problems and challenges with effectiveness. That could not often be good, but recent video games like Resident Evil Village seem to be to have suffered (opens in new tab) and, even if it does operate as intended, it leaves gamers vulnerable to assistance lapses that render their video games unplayable (opens in new tab).

Nevertheless Denuvo continues to be a preferred piece of thirdparty software program between developers who want to minimise piracy, and now the company has introduced Denuvo SecureDLC (opens in new tab). This DRM application goes earlier mentioned-and-beyond the vanilla Denuvo by protecting game titles, and it would seem to be specially centered on F2P game titles, the place the revenue is staying created through microtransactions.