A Must-Have Converter to Start up the Diesel Generator

In this new article, we want to introduce how our newest DC/DC converter CBS-10K will work with a “Start-up diesel engine” software in the hybrid trains.

The CBS-10K has been intended beneath rolling inventory criteria and is the ideal complement to commence the diesel engine in diesel-electric powered hybrid trains.

The new CBS-10K is the ideal enhance to begin the diesel motor in diesel-electrical hybrid trains

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How Does a Hybrid Prepare Do the job?

Aiming for an natural environment-helpful transportation procedure railway infrastructures have been upgraded in the latest a long time for trains to contaminate significantly less. The electric powered traction delivers the environmental benefit of considerably lessening CO2 emissions, as perfectly as lessening sounds in substantial metropolitan areas.

Key companies in the railway business have been committed to incorporating greener trains. As a end result, there has been noteworthy progress in hybrid technological know-how, in which trains merge diesel and electrical motors.

Hybrid trains are connected in collection, so the electrical motor is liable for powering the train’s wheels. The diesel combustion motor is accountable for powering the batteries and the electrical motor, as a electric power generator.

Trains with hybrid engines can be set up on equally electrified and non-electrified tracks (or a mixture of the two), as they can use one of the two engines, based on what is offered. For case in point, if the batteries operate out while running on a non-electrified observe, the educate can constantly swap to relying totally on the diesel engine.

Wherever catenaries are electrified, electricity regeneration all through braking may perhaps not be permitted, which usually means not only obtaining to run in diesel method but also hybrid manner. The use of batteries also permits the catenary voltage to be reduced, as all through peak vitality need (accelerations) the battery will acquire care of the operation.

What Is the Software of the CBS-10K Converter in Hybrid Trains?

The CBS-10K DC/DC converter enables train shunting at lower speed when electrical power is not accessible from the catenary, by supplying the rectifier to get the job done as an inverter when setting up the engine. This “Diesel Motor Beginning System”  is mostly observed in hybrid trains, being capable to power the train’s engines from the catenary or, using a diesel generator, to electric power the traction inverter.

How Does the Converter Operate in the Hybrid Teach?

The unit can be mounted inside of the prepare to rework the battery voltage (110Vdc) to a greater voltage immediate recent (DC) bus (500Vdc). The practice in catenary procedure provides ability to all units via the DC/DC converter (1500/500Vdc).

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The converter transforms the battery voltage to a increased direct existing

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If there is a catenary failure, the CBS-10K DC/DC converter will use the battery voltage to feed the bidirectional rectifier through the 500Vdc bus, which will act as an inverter, feeding the alternator (engine in this case) so that the diesel generator commences.

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Through catenary failure, the converter activates the diesel generator

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As soon as the generator is started off, it switches to “diesel mode”, the place the generator feeds the engines by means of the alternator and the traction inverter, passing through the rectifier.

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When the generator is started out, the educate switches to diesel manner

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In addition to this software, the CBS-10K DC/DC converter is also capable of moving the practice in the depot from the train’s batteries at extremely-slow velocity to complete maintenance operations.

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The converter is also able of shifting the practice compact distances if needed

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In these two applications, our system usually takes on a higher diploma of worth as it is an critical process to start out the diesel generator and run at maximum performance.

With an regular electricity output of 6kW, this collection of DC/DC converters allows a parallel relationship, thus increasing the energy output. All versions offer a 500Vdc output and have been created with SiC technologies, which offers them a high-ability density.

The most outstanding attribute is its solitary output, offering a maximum peak energy of up to 10kW for 40 seconds.

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